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​Prospect Family Medicine is proud to announce that we have achieved Meaningful Use Stage 2 for 2014. Simply put, “Meaningful Use” is the Federal Government’s benchmark for Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. An EHR system is considered ineffective unless the data that is captured can be used in a meaningful way. The concept of meaningful use is based on 5 healthcare goals, these are to;

  Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health care disparities
  Engage patients and families in their health
  Improve care coordination
  Improve population and public health
  Ensure adequate privacy and security protection for personal health information

Proving that you have met these objectives is called “attesting”. For Stage 1 attestation you have to meet, for a 90-day period in the first year of meaningful use, all of the 14 EHR Core objectives but only 5 of the 10 EHR Menu objectives. The reporting period for your second year of Stage 1 is 12 months unless that falls in 2014 and then it would only be for 3 months.

For year one of Stage 2 EHR Meaningful Use Attestation, providers must meet, for 1 of the 4 quarters of the year, 20 objectives; 17 Core EHR Objectives and 3 of 6 Menu EHR Objectives. Year two of Stage 2 the reporting period will be for 12 months.

You can view each Physicians results by selecting the links below.

Dr. Edwards Results

Dr. Mcleod Results

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